Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei

Dr. iur. Daniel Bläuer
attorney at law, LL.M.
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Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei is a litigation boutique, specializing in contract, employment and commercial litigation. The firm represents companies and private individuals in the enforcement and defence of claims. The preferred areas of practice include both the bundling of similar claims with regard to complex multi-party litigation ("class actions") on the plaintiff side and the defence against such claims on the defendant side.

Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei acts as a supplement to internal or external legal departments of companies, in particular with regard to employment law issues, civil litigation and criminal proceedings (white-collar crime).

Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei also represents private clients in inheritance disputes.

If required, the firm can draw on a broad network of service providers, such as tax experts, fiduciary and auditing companies and other law firms. Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei also has an excellent international network, especially with service providers in Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy and the USA.

Our mission is to provide both effective and efficient party representation as well as high-quality legal services in our clients’ best interest.

Contract litigation - Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei represents both plaintiff and defendant parties in disputes arising out of agreements. In particular, Dr. Daniel Bläuer has extensive experience in the litigation and resolution of contract disputes, e.g. pertaining to sale and purchase contracts, work contracts and tenancy law, as well as loan agreements, leasing and partnership agreements. Recently concluded and current proceedings concern, for example, the rescission and reversal of a leasing relationship, the dispute over a foreign currency loan, the action for performance under a service agreement and the defence against claims in connection with the purchase of real estate.

Employment litigation - Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei regularly represents employers and employees in all kinds of employment disputes. Currently, the firm conducts proceedings concerning overtime, termination without notice, abusive dismissals, infringement of personality rights and non-competition clauses.

Commercial litigation - Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei represents litigants before all commercial courts in Switzerland, e.g. concerning directors’ and officers’ as well as auditors’ liability cases, unfair representations on company websites and disputes in connection with acquisitions of companies.

Complex multi-party litigation - The topic is a subject of controversial discussion: Whether and in what way instruments of collective legal protection (analogous to foreign legal institutions such as class actions and model actions for a declaratory judgement) should be introduced by law in Switzerland has repeatedly been debated in Swiss Parliament. Due to his experience in a case in which the parallel claims of dozens of private investors could be bundled, Dr. Daniel Bläuer wrote his dissertation on this topic ("Exercising rights through creditor groups"). He is familiar with the peculiarities and pitfalls of a coordinated assertion of similar claims, both on the plaintiff's and the defendant's side.

Criminal proceedings (white-collar crime) - Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei represents procedural parties mainly in the area of white-collar crime. Recently concluded and current proceedings concern, for example, the representation of an aggrieved company in criminal proceedings against an employee for theft and embezzlement, the representation of an accused party in proceedings concerning allegations of unfaithful conduct of office and the representation of an accused party in proceedings concerning allegations of bribery in a foreign country.

attorney at law, LL.M.

Dr. Daniel Bläuer has many years of experience in his areas of practice. For more than 20 years, he has been working as a litigator for larger companies, SMEs and private individuals.


Professional career:
since 2020
Founder and owner of Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei
2016 – 2019
Partner in a commercial law firm in Zurich
2000 – 2016
Attorney at law in an internationally oriented law firm in Zurich (partner as from 2010)
Auditor at the District Court of Zurich
1998 1999
Trainee in a commercial law firm in Zurich

Dr. iur., University of Lucerne
LL.M., The University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor (USA)
Admission to the Zurich Bar
lic. iur., University of Zurich


German, English

Memberships and further commitments:

Member of the Zurich Bar Association ZAV
Member of the Swiss Bar Association SAV
Member of the Audit Commission (RPK) of the Reformed Church Oberrieden


multi-storey car park Migros Thalwil (Alte Landstrasse 130, 8800 Thalwil), entrance via Gotthardstrasse
Bläuer Anwaltskanzlei
RA Dr. iur. Daniel Bläuer
Schwandelstrasse 1
CH-8800 Thalwil
+41 44 722 59 59

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